The creative marketing story

Imagine you have a very good product that solves many problems faced by your customer and your product magically solves all those problems this makes your customers feel crazy about the product and your sales reach the sky.

But wait this happens only when people know you have a solution for their problems.

What if you have made an epic solution for people but you completed it and made it secret in your office this doesn’t make sense 

And people people will never know without marketing that product and all those efforts that your team has kept in making such great solution will be wasted which shouldn’t happen

So what you should be doing

one should market your product to reach market and solve problems of people

But how can you do that and what exactly is marketing

Marketing is all about reaching a person in right time with a right product and these 3 rights plays a very very crucial role

What if you sell market hot beverages in a dessert are will you get good amount of leads obviously no and what if you sell chilled cool drinks in hilly areas again you will get 0 leads in most of the times

So all you need is to target right people in right time with tight products and nurture them get into your funnel

But marketing is very wide things and how can i choose a way that fits my product and make it viral

Should i go door to door and explain people which helps me to reach more people

Reaching people door to door and explaining to them about your product which we have seen in childhood where a formally dressed guy comes to our home and explains about some books or daily used goods and sells us is not marketing which is sales and you need a sales team for that.

Marketing helps a product reach marketing and helps people to get an idea about the product the process of sales include nurturing those people to buy that product

Sales process in India has a very famous dialogue in every sales pitch ie.., sir please sir which should be avoided

When coming to the process of marketing to make the product viral

It all starts with finding what category is your product it stands first in starting your marketing campaigns because the way we market things differ from every category of product

Basically there are two types of products

B2B – Business to Business

B2C – Business to customers

B2b products are those products where it helps other businesses consider yourself as a business and if your product helps other businesses then your product falls into b2b category

B2c products are those products that helps directly to customers again think o a situation where you are a business and your products can be directly used by customers these are like washing machines , refrigerators and many more

B2b products require direct targeting of businesses and those campaigns should be setup in such a way and b2c requires bulk marketing where it can be marketed to huge set of customers at once

And now after categorizing your product it all depends on choosing the right channel to market your products

There are numerous channels in to market your products

It can be digitally or offline depends on the category of the product and when it comes the reach of the marketing campaigns will be high as the digital media is growing fast and it again depends on the product type

Various channels of marketing include

Advertising , 

Influencer marketing,

Offline interactions and many more 

As said marketing is very wide subject here are the main channels of marketing

Advertising stands first and this is one of the most famous marketing channels. There were various kinds of advertising digital media , offline print media , banners and various forms.

Creative ads attract most people and whenever ads are created they should be in a form where people shouldn’t think of skipping them and they should attract

Like imagine of creative campaigns like dairy milk ads how touching they are and there is particularly this advertisement of Mi phone by scbang – dairy milk add – mi y3 add

Have a look at those ads and how they are using the present situations in both the ads and making the process of advertising viral

Not only these facebook ads, google ads, all these ads should be eye catching and should be irritating so that people love to watch them.

Make people forget that there is a skip option with creative and eye cathay ads

Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is something which is a bit expensive but works really well in some cases its all about using well familiar influencing people to showcase about your products we always see inspiring personalities recommending various products which mostly falls under influencer marketing and sometimes when you think of some famous product you remember the influencer you have seen in the add and this happens viceversa too like how we remember sachin tendulkar for boost , shoni for mahalacto and number of ads

This also ads a clickbait too

When you see a famous personality in an add there is a huge chance of people watching that complete add if they like that influencer

And few products will send free samples to influencers and get endorsements by which also works really really well and we see a number of examples in social media for them.

Offline interactions work really well this creates a huge impact on audience regarding all it need is a perfect place and a perfect time

This creates a positive impact on brand and what brands usually do is engage with audience in a fun way and interact with them sometimes they give some goodies to a set of people based on various aspects like winners of activities 

Offline interactions can be meetups where brands try to educate people on a particular aspect at the end they specially endorse about the brand and mostly brands choose a topic which is relevant to their product so that it attracts an audience even better.

Marketing is all about creative ways to interact with people and increase awareness about the product or brands  the next booming thing brands doing these days is interacting using memes content

So from next time when someone says marketing is not a creative field you will have a strong answer.

Having a website for your business gives a whole lot of advantage in marketing your service or product. Once should have their own professional website to stand in this digital world there is a saying which says when you are not online you are not alive online.

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