The art of giving life to anything to a product or services

What do you mean by giving life?

In my context, I meant by giving existence to a product or anything through some actions

But how can you do that?

Know what how big your product is or how quality it has or how many problems it does solves we can’t just sit idle with the product at least in the beginning steps of entering the market.

Let’s imagine a situation where you have launched a very great product / Imagine you have built a very great software that can change the problems being faced by many people and you completed creating that product or software and you have just stopped working feeling that my job is done and now I will wait to get a leads doing nothing.

Do you think is it possible to get leads sitting idle with a super duper awesome completed fully functional product?

My answer is Absolute NO….

Even though marketing starts even before the product is created by identifying the problem, understanding the customer’s needs, and all the basic things. Marketing is all about sending a RIGHT MESSAGE to RIGHT PERSON at RIGHT TIME. Because people should know your product is the best.

Setting financial goals helps in faster achievement of desired goals which can be anything like revenue generation, scaling a product, building a personal brand likewise it can be anything a lot of people worry about numbers its nowt at all a rocket science let me make it simple with an illustration

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Identifying and solving customer problems with a product is not enough its necessary to market the product in order to further scale it.

Communication plays a very key role in marketing as it’s not just selling or increasing customers it’s also keeping your existing customer happy. To make the existing customer remain as your customer throughout his life there must be very strong communication with customers.

In the initial days of Airbnb, the team of Airbnb used to go to customers and record their experiences and problems and the team used to rectify them to make the customer experience even happier this type of strong communication is very much important to scale a product.

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And you cant stop marketing if wish wish to sell your products to existing customers if you stop you cant sell your upcoming products.

Building a strong personal brand is very much important as it helps in developing a high trust in your product and it automatically markets with the help of word of mouth. You need to market a product a lot that it creates and strong trust in people and you can stop marketing there if you wish to as people automatically joins your funnel as you have built #masstrust

Marketing itself is not enough the quality of the product is highly important and once a customer satisfies with your product the best way of marketing word of mouth comes into the picture your existing customers start referring your product to their friends and it goes so on…..

Building a strong personal brand also helps in decreasing marketing budgets and customer acquisition budgets, one must choose a proper category for themselves in order to build a strong personal brand. One you succeeded in this people will start coming to you.

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Never ever try to automate the entire marketing process as marketing is all about perceptions and communications only humans can understand customer problems and experiences and can think about further improvements in the product. Always remember Marketing has the highest ROI, For a lot of Businesses marketing acts as a backbone so the founder itself should think like a marketer.

A good Marketer should be a good communicator as well as one should always. people might be your target audience or even Existing audience interact with them a lot based on their type. This increases customer experience and trust

Global economics even plays a key role as you need to find the right audience to sell your product.

When a product which is being sold suits for above teenagers age like people with an average age above 25 then the selling authority of the product is high as these people were capable of buying things as they manage their own expenses. Always keep in mind that the entire Indian population is not your target you can get more clarity about this when you have a basic idea on how India is divided as per Indians economy

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

TV ads can reach millions of people at a very low cost it will be helpful if your product is a very generic product

Radio has a reach of 65% of people in the Indian population

Newspapers content reaches 400 million + .people

Digital marketing helps in reaching people with good communication and higher purchasing power

There is no way to measure how many people responded to the ads you have posted in traditional marketing

But the Digital ads that are posted gives the detailed analytics of users activity and experience with those ads

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When doing marketing for a product it must not be limited to one platform or one approach when people try to bombard everywhere and market with every available resource in right approach brings people curiosity and tries to know more about the product which also helps to bring people into funnel this is what professionals called integrated Digital marketing

One must be very analytical and should continuously measure to take effective decisions which is possible only through digital marketing

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The CATT Funnel

Wealth = n^catt






The right way to get the Audience into your funnel and build a successful market.CATT builds strong trust and Above all one needs to choose the right niche that should be a combination of below illustration.

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The power of building a personal brand:

You should be visible in the market in order to get leads

people love to listen from a direct person rather than a company, brands or robot this statement again proves one should not worry and give a shit about the complete automation of marketing which is impossible.

The only Downside is people cant invest in personal brands or neither they can be sold

But this brings a mass trust

The Evolution of a personal brand can be down by

Learning — — Working — — Write About it (Post it in any form) — — Start consulting — — Mentor — — Startup

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Marketing is a never-ending and a circular process, one must start marketing their product even before starting it & it started by the understanding audience, Traditional marketing helps in marketing generic products reach a heavy audience and as well digital marketing helps in reaching high potential buyers. One must be analytical and should keep track of progress about the audience which helps in the scalability of the product and one can retarget scale and get to the info about people who engaged with the published ads only with digital marketing. Digital marketing brings a quick and immediate ROI. One must focus on building a strong personal brand that helps them increase and make use of powerful marketing that is word of mouth and after reaching one extent they can stop intensive marketing if they wish and the brand they built will continue to market their product.

The CATT Funnel is the best way that helps in building and scaling a personal brand & integrated Digital marketing is the absolute perfect methodology in building mass trust & people always love to listen from the person and not from brands or robots which brings a sense complete marketing automation doesn’t give a shit in marketing.

This was my first lengthy article mostly of 1000words it took me a lot of time and thinking to write this article do share your valuable feedback in the comments and share it.

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