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Adding SSL Certificate for Free

Do you want to provide a safe , secure environment for your website visitors ?

We all know its important to give visitors a trust when they visit our website.

Imagine a situation where a person visits you website and your own website says like this.

or like this

when visitors dont feel safe on the website they have visited they will bounce back and there might be a high chance of losing visitors.

SSL Certificate is something which is basic and mandatory that builds trust with visitors and its so simple.

SSL Certificate is like an online Identity card that says this site is secure.

what if your site displays like this how good it will be for visitors

This will be Awesome right

SSL Encrypts data to and fro in website keeping it secure from outsiders , It basically tells the ownership of the site is verified and the owner is concerned about visitors security.

I feel These things are pretty enough to understand How important is SSL , now the question rises why do people ignore SSL even it is very important.

  • Lack of knowledge about SSL
  • Thinking it is very costly

there are few reasons people ignore SSL as you have knowledge on how important SSL is and i have also mentioned its Absolutely Free

Lets now add SSL to your website

Steps to add SSL to your website:

Cloudflare is a globally distributed CDN which offers SSL certificate for free

1.) Open Clouldflare

2.) Then click on SignUp in the top right corner of the page

3.) Enter your Email and password & click on create account

4.) Enter your site URL and click on Add site

5.) You will be then redirected to Choose your plan page click on Free plan and click on confirm plan

6.) Leave all the settings as it is and click continue

7.) The Above page appears now you need to change name servers of the Domain.

Change the Name servers of your domain as specified in the cloudflare page and click on check namesevers.

8.) You will be then redirected to above page

Click on improve security and choose Full security option and click on save

click on always use https and click save

You will be then redirected to Auto Minify options select all the 3 checkboxes this helps to load the website faster and click on the Save button

Now click on speed up page load option and click on save button

Now the Settings summary gets loaded click on Finish Button

9.) You will be then redirected to overview page then click on SSL / TLS option

10.) Then click on Edge Certificates , in the Hosts list you can see the Status as Active

within a few minutes of completing all the above 10steps your website will have Activated SSL and you can see Https for the website like how it shows in the below image.

It’s just thats simple this might be a lengthy post but i have put all my efforts and to make it simple have posted the article with detailed steps.

Here is a video with clear explanation and detailed steps

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